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Why have internet presence?

This is my first ever post as far as blogging goes. Brain storming over months on what I should start with. I came up with this.
Why have online presence?
Given my vocabulary and exposure, this is a topic too mature. I may as well be talking about the latest Pitbull song [Timber was hype by the way].But I thought to myself, why not start with something I do for a living; convincing people [SMEs] to be on the internet.

There often comes a business idea in your mind that you feel strongly to pursue yet slightly reluctant due to fear of loss. Online presence in my opinion bridges that gap. It allows you to have a pilot test [free trial, if you may] to test that conviction. And the vast mediums available to you only add to the sweet taste.
The platforms available to start-ups today were not present at the time of Apple & Microsoft. So why not use them? An astounding fact remains that 0$ were spent towards marketing of the primary messaging application Whatsapp [Note to self: don’t undermine marketing when you are a marketer].
I am not saying your company will be the next Facebook or Whatsapp; there is a fat chance there. But there still is. Why not try?
I met a couple of young bulky Karate enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi who had no idea of legal, finance and management issues in business. They just knew there was no company selling authentic fight gear and they could easily fill in. They didn’t lease an office, did not hire a team, they merely created a website that listed products to be purchased. Each order generated was automatically forwarded to their provider in China from where it was dispatched and delivered. As simple as that!
I am not in touch with them but they may have succeeded and grown; or may have realized it’s a lost cause; with perhaps a couple of hundred Dollars loss [Hashtag Lesson Learnt].

This isn’t to say you won’t face problems or this is a shortcut to success. But there is no denying it’s complementary, it’s popular and IT’S WORKING.

Start with the basics:

–          Get a domain for your business

–          Get to basic social media

–          Be present & available

PS an imaging and humour loving person that I am, I take full pride in ending with a make-no-sense image.

I’d be glad to assist those who have questions/queries; comment here if u do..