That Annoying Telemarketer

If you are reading this, perhaps you have encountered a person who calls you, and just won’t give up. You hate him [or her, let’s think both while we write him]. Sometimes he calls you when you are at work, sometimes when you are trying to park, at times when you are trying to have a good time at home and he just won’t stop. At times you are rude because of his reckless attitude; or at times just because you know they are all the same breed. At each call, few questions come up to your mind:

What is this call about?

Who is this?

Where did you get my number?


Telemarketing is not always bad. Businesses or let’s say the world has progressed with the use of telephone in trade and communication.  Telemarketing essentially means that you scan the market for individuals/firms that might have a need you can fulfil or may be a prospect for the service you provide. It is a sensitive function that requires research and background study. What businesses do wrong is to treat it as a trial and error approach or an additional source. They hire a person with mediocre communication abilities, provide him a database to call upon and expect revenue to just start flowing in. Surprisingly, for some it actually works.

But this has spread a negative stance about telemarketing which has lost its significance as a pre-sales method. Companies just hire people in dozens, give them the same databases again and again, expect results, which makes the staff prone to calls all the time; at odd times, with no background, no productive approach & at times no greeting the recipient [“Hi Sir, looking for a business loan @ 3.5% per annum, with no collateral”]. Imagine the response if the recipient is having lunch.

What I think must change:

For businesses:

-Respect people’s privacy, call at appropriate hours.

-Use basic courtesy & greeting; inquire if the person is available to talk to

-Do some basic background study; know your prospect as well as your product


For recipients:

-Hear him out, this may be something you need

-There are polite ways of decline

-Refer someone; the caller could really use help


Yours sincerely,

An annoying sales person

5 Tools Everyone in the Sales Industry should be using

If you are in this industry then you will know that no numbers of tools are sufficient. There is always scope for more. For that extra project, for incentive, for referrals. How to get there?

From my limited experience in sales for 2 years in 3 different companies [a stable company, a failing brand & a start-up]; I can suffice with 5 of my personal best.

  1.        Relations /customers:

 There is always room for improvement in the service delivered to your existing customers; they are the relationships you have in the industry. They can generate credible word-of-mouth. You have already spent productive time & effort in delivering to them. If further efforts can generate a wholesome experience go for it. Ask them for a testimonial, take their feedback. Follow-up with them after the sale/project completion. Trust me it works, people prefer working with a company that’s always around when needed.

  1.        Reward referrals:

If there exists a person/company or customer that is willing to refer you to others; make sure you reward their efforts. Some may ask for an incentive directly but all will expect it. Rewards may differ. A retail company can give some redeemable points, others can offer discounts on future purchases, and service companies can add bonus features to existing packages. But the key should be to inform them that each referral will reward them significantly and give them something others may not have access to.

  1.        Reach:

I say targets are not to be emphasized. They are important of course. But focus more on reach. Widen your reach. Broaden the spectrum of services you provide. Pitch to more people. Adopt conventional and unconventional means. Have 24/7 mediums of communication apart from the traditional office hours. Adapt & adopt strategies based on your target market i.e. youth market can be reached better on social media channels while investors are accessible on newspapers & weeklies. Aim for Retweets & shares rather than Likes and Favourites

  1.        Emails/calls:

The importance of face-to-face interaction is not to be undermined but it is not always practical, especially in the tech age we live in. Make sure you are not just available on email and phone but also try to reach your contacts every now and then. For gentle reminders and regular follow-ups.  A well-written email can at times seal the deal. Moreover it is always available for reference and more people can be involved. Make sure you don’t become the annoying mail/call that always ends up in spam/voice-mail. Keep it simple!

  1.        The “oregano to your Pizza”

There is always that special ingredient. The spice nobody wants to disclose. Something, that sets you apart from others. It could be the niche market you develop, a unique service/product you have. Perhaps the way you present yourself, your service, your persona. If you don’t already have that yet, Go Ahead, build one!


That’s all for now! I’ll be glad to hear from you on what I may have missed or your comments on these above. 

Why have internet presence?

This is my first ever post as far as blogging goes. Brain storming over months on what I should start with. I came up with this.
Why have online presence?
Given my vocabulary and exposure, this is a topic too mature. I may as well be talking about the latest Pitbull song [Timber was hype by the way].But I thought to myself, why not start with something I do for a living; convincing people [SMEs] to be on the internet.

There often comes a business idea in your mind that you feel strongly to pursue yet slightly reluctant due to fear of loss. Online presence in my opinion bridges that gap. It allows you to have a pilot test [free trial, if you may] to test that conviction. And the vast mediums available to you only add to the sweet taste.
The platforms available to start-ups today were not present at the time of Apple & Microsoft. So why not use them? An astounding fact remains that 0$ were spent towards marketing of the primary messaging application Whatsapp [Note to self: don’t undermine marketing when you are a marketer].
I am not saying your company will be the next Facebook or Whatsapp; there is a fat chance there. But there still is. Why not try?
I met a couple of young bulky Karate enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi who had no idea of legal, finance and management issues in business. They just knew there was no company selling authentic fight gear and they could easily fill in. They didn’t lease an office, did not hire a team, they merely created a website that listed products to be purchased. Each order generated was automatically forwarded to their provider in China from where it was dispatched and delivered. As simple as that!
I am not in touch with them but they may have succeeded and grown; or may have realized it’s a lost cause; with perhaps a couple of hundred Dollars loss [Hashtag Lesson Learnt].

This isn’t to say you won’t face problems or this is a shortcut to success. But there is no denying it’s complementary, it’s popular and IT’S WORKING.

Start with the basics:

–          Get a domain for your business

–          Get to basic social media

–          Be present & available

PS an imaging and humour loving person that I am, I take full pride in ending with a make-no-sense image.

I’d be glad to assist those who have questions/queries; comment here if u do..