Month: May 2014

That Annoying Telemarketer

If you are reading this, perhaps you have encountered a person who calls you, and just won’t give up. You hate him [or her, let’s think both while we write him]. Sometimes he calls you when you are at work, sometimes when you are trying to park, at times when you are trying to have a good time at home and he just won’t stop. At times you are rude because of his reckless attitude; or at times just because you know they are all the same breed. At each call, few questions come up to your mind:

What is this call about?

Who is this?

Where did you get my number?


Telemarketing is not always bad. Businesses or let’s say the world has progressed with the use of telephone in trade and communication.  Telemarketing essentially means that you scan the market for individuals/firms that might have a need you can fulfil or may be a prospect for the service you provide. It is a sensitive function that requires research and background study. What businesses do wrong is to treat it as a trial and error approach or an additional source. They hire a person with mediocre communication abilities, provide him a database to call upon and expect revenue to just start flowing in. Surprisingly, for some it actually works.

But this has spread a negative stance about telemarketing which has lost its significance as a pre-sales method. Companies just hire people in dozens, give them the same databases again and again, expect results, which makes the staff prone to calls all the time; at odd times, with no background, no productive approach & at times no greeting the recipient [“Hi Sir, looking for a business loan @ 3.5% per annum, with no collateral”]. Imagine the response if the recipient is having lunch.

What I think must change:

For businesses:

-Respect people’s privacy, call at appropriate hours.

-Use basic courtesy & greeting; inquire if the person is available to talk to

-Do some basic background study; know your prospect as well as your product


For recipients:

-Hear him out, this may be something you need

-There are polite ways of decline

-Refer someone; the caller could really use help


Yours sincerely,

An annoying sales person